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Last day of application was October 31st
Not enough women they said
It can’t be done they said
Bullshit we say

We believe that diverse teams create the best products

A goal for us at Spotify has always been to take an active part in promoting inclusiveness and openness in the tech scene. We’re also firm believers that the best products are created when people with different backgrounds come together.

We’re therefore organizing an event called Diversify, where we instead of hoping to achieve diversity amongst our attendees, have decided to make it a core requirement.

Diversify is a weekend hackathon at the Spotify HQ in Stockholm that 40 students from all over Sweden have the opportunity to join. The attending students will be split into a number of cross functional teams where an important aspect is that all teams will have a fifty-fifty gender division. That’s right – the attending crowd of Diversify will consist of equal parts men and women.

Spotify Stockholm Office
Birger Jarlsgatan 61


What is Diversify?

Diversify is not like any other tech event you have ever been to – it will be different. During a weekend of hacking and knowledge sharing we will together create a new atmosphere and thinking around these type of events. In more concrete terms you will hack on a project with a cross-functional team you get assigned to in the application process. You will have close collaboration with Spotify employees who will support you in any way you need, and you will also have the chance to attend a few talks about how we work at Spotify. Your team’s result will be showcased during Sunday afternoon, in a relaxed and non-competitive way. Stressed pitches is replaced with a session where you can walk around and see what others built and ask questions. How awesome?

Alright, when?

November 22-23 (detailed schedule to come), if you live far north or far south you might have to travel on the Friday (November 21).

Is it a competition?

Nope, it’s all about creating and learning! All attendants will be able to check out each others’ hacks, as your team is required to present some sort of result. We will summarize the results and feature them on the Spotify blog, on Twitter and Facebook. It’s almost like eternal glory :) Focus won’t be on winning but showing what you have done and allow for questions and discussion.

What will I be hacking on?

There will be 3 different problems areas to choose from. The areas will be presented on the Saturday and your team is free to pick the area you find the most interesting.

Why should I be a part of this?

This is an amazing opportunity to make new friends, learn and see how a big company works with product development. The Spotify office is definitely a cool place to see, as well as meeting with employees.

Who can apply?

Any university student in Sweden who has an interest in tech, design, product development or management. The baseline is that you should be able to contribute with something concrete – may it be in code, concept, pixels or something else.

Who will be selected to participate?

We’re looking for people with the heart in the right place and great skills. We appreciate a genuine interest in the tech industry and diversity matters. While going through the applications we will look at if you have a passion for creating, sharing and learning. We would love team players and creators to apply, people who are open for building bridges and lighting fires.

What is covered in terms of cost?

Spotify will provide travelling, accommodation and all meals for the weekend.

What happens after I applied?

Apply before October 31 and we will contact you if you made it or not the following week.

Rock on!
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Apply Now
Last day of application was October 31st

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